At Nick-Nak- Jak-Attak Grown Ups Inc, we encourage the bizarre, grotesque, and alien voices inside your heads. We focus on producing content that embodies joy and bringing our inner children out to play. Note to self: never day inner ‘children.’ But you get what we mean. If you think your idea may be ‘too weird,’ we are a perfect fit for you. Did your best friend’s cool older sister’s friend call you too ugly and annoying through out high school? Same here! Come be annoying and take a stand with us.



Malie Mason specializes in creative direction, acting, production and writing. Her background started in musical theatre and moved its way to up production by building sets and producing the musical numbers (choreography/wardrobe/set design). Malie has been producing sketches, on line content and performing stand-up now for thousands of years. Malie and Grown-Ups Inc. are currently producing commercials, music videos, photo shoots and web-content.